Thursday, December 24, 2009

Nova Star: Prologue

Davin Hallude, Captain of the Earth flagship Nova Star is going through a hard and emotional time. His friends and family are dying all around him. His crew on the Nova Star are trying to help him get through it all.

The crew

Kelly Lawrence. Class: Marine. Rank: Captain. Only thing that can discribe her is a nice woman with combat training.

Molly Roberts. Class: Marine. Rank: Captain. Kelly's best friend. Smart enough to fly a war fighter. Trained to be a foot soldier.

Max. Class: Navy. Rank: Science Officer. Going through a dark time himself. A murderer killed his entire family. Came to serve on the Nova Star when he had no where else to go. Science is his skill. He can identify enemy ships long before we come into range to attack.

Josh. Class: Navy. Rank: Ensign. Me and Josh don't really see eye to eye. But we don't let it get in the way of our jobs.

Chris Anderson. Class: Navy. Rank: Commander. First officer on the Nova Star. He can be a real pain in the neck when it comes to new people. But it's nothing personal. He just wants new people to be ready to face the enemy. So he tries to make them face their fears before they encounter the enemy.

Tracy. Class: Navy. Rank: Helmsman. The only man we've ever met who got his dream job which was to pilot the Nova Star.

Ben. Class: Medical. Rank: Doctor. Studied enough to know the cure for every illness ever discovered. When there's something new he doesn't give up until the person is killed or cured.

Last, but not least. Me.

Davin Hallude. Class: Navy. Rank: Captain. I joined three times. The first time was during the war in Iraq. The second time was when my cousin Sara died and she wanted me to hand the designs of the Nova Star to the military and NASA. After the mission to meet the Kazinites I left. Here I am now. Captain of the Nova Star and fighting the war.


Nova Star: Dark Memories

A battle group discovered a planet outside the Solar System. My job is to make that planet the front line of defense. While we wait my crew is listening to the stories in my journal which has all the terror's that I've seen.

Year 1: The first day of the war/the battle of Jupiter

Year 2: Meeting the Dorlix

Year 3: Sword training from a killer

Year 4: Kejenite war

The main part of this story takes place year 5.

Shooting for a PG-13 For Sequences of Intense Sci-fi/action violence, Bloody Images, and Emotional Content

Nova Star: Shadows

We lost contact with one of our battle groups orbiting Jupiter. My ship was sent in to see what happened. What happened was the most terrifying thing ever. Bases are destoryed, ships are torn apart and ripped in half. The enemy ship that did all this came and attacked us. We were force to run. We couldn't escape. We were forced to hide in an asteroid, but their waiting right there for us. While we wait the crew listens again to my stories.

Year 6: Front line under seige

Year 7: Murder mystery on Venus

Year 8: Kelly and Molly leave

The main part of this story takes place year 9

Shooting for a PG - 13 for Sequences of Intense Sci-fi/Action Violence, Terrifying and Bloody Images, and Emotional Content

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who I am.

My name is Christian Pulsipher.

I just served a mission at a food bank called the bishop storehouse. My father died in october which has forced me to push forward with my goal to go to collage. My goal is to become a film maker. I live by truth and logic. (I'm not saying I'm a vulcun.)

I've been working on a script for three years now. My father was going to help me by executive producing it. His name will appear there.